Siddha Medicine For Aids | Skin Cancer | Lung Cancer Treatment



                 Siddha system, an ancient medicine of over 5000 years of historical background contemporaneous with those of the submerged lands of Indian subcontinent, Egyptian, Mesothopemina, Chinese and Greecian medicines, the unique nature of this siddha system is its continuous service to humanity for more than five thousand years.

                The standard works on tamil medicines of the 18 siddhars who were men of very hidh culture and intellect, consist of several thousand of verses by each on different subjects.

                This family of 'SHAPTHARISHI' GENEALOGY inherited their 'Raja Vaidyam' through their trait, generation after generation which were documented for over 500 years from Chola Dynasty and their method of ancient processing by using several hundreds of herbs, Navapashanam, Navalogam, various salts used in the manufacture of Kattus, Jaineers, muppu etc., Which are having over 5,000 years of historical background.

                Dr. V.M. Shaptharishi had been RajaVaidyar to few Maharajas of various samasthanam of south-India (such as Mysore and Travancore) and his services had been availed by King George .V, Sir Winston Churchill and Harry S Truman. His son Dr. V.S. Subramaniam developed this technique with more modern techniques and proved by scientific mehtods of drugs essays the presence of various ingredients in these 'Kattus' and their therapeudic effects by clinical application.

                During the last three generations from the days of Dr. Shaptharishi, Dr. V.S. Subramanian and Present Dr. S.S. Manikandhan and S.S. Ayyappan with the involvements of few physicians helped them to prove the efficiency of their Siddha drugs with modern technology and application in several Generic diseases.

                This family trait is the only known family having the knowledge of making various 'Kattu' and 'Kilangu' and used them for treating various Generic Diseases like cancer, leukomenia, skin diseases including the AIDS Diseases with remarkable results.

                The Navapashanam play greater role in the therapy of various illness mentioned above, to inform their traditional siddha drugs under Shaptharishi Research and Medical Foundation, New product namely Navapashana Silver Plate developed and marketing by Shaptharishi Health Care Private Limited, for the purpose of immune development and preventive viral infection.

Properties of the Navapashanam

                The Liquid brings out after interacting with these Navapashana silver plate, a medical Subject which has the healing of several

       1.Skin diseases
       2.Lung infection
       3.Alleviating Cancer
       4.Increase muscle and joint mobility, oxygen levels
       5.Control Digestive problems
       6.Cleanse the kidney, intestines, liver
       7.Protect body from radical cell damage
       8.All type of viral infection.

System of uses in-take Food items in Silver plate(for the age of 90days child to 90years adult)

       1.Ginger(5g) hot water with Honey(one table spoon)
       2.Ginger(5g) hot water with Cardamom powder(Recommended for sugar patients only)
       3.Hot milk with Bread / Oats / Cornflake.
       4.Boiled rice with milk / butter milk.

Price Details:

       1.Silver Plate 400 gram ----- Rupees Four Lakhs and Fourty Thousand only
       2.Silver Bowl 200 gram ----- Rupees Two Lakhs and Twenty Thousand only
       3.Silver Bowl 100 gram ----- Rupees One Lakhs and Fourty Thousand only